Finding the Sacred in the Mundane

Today was interesting–and reminded me of one of the things I really like about Judaism.  Rather than keeping G-d in the house of worship, so to speak, we Jews bring Him into every aspect of our lives (or, I suppose that might better be said as, He commands every aspect of our lives).  So, today I used a dish mikvah for the first time.

Now I’ll stop and explain, because I’m guessing your responses range from “Oh cool!” to “But I thought only people used mikvahs…?” to “What on earth is a mikvah?”  So–a mikvah is a body of water that’s used for ritual cleansing.  People use a mikvah when they’ve become ritually “unclean” for whatever reason, and immersion in it is also part of the process of conversion to Judaism…and new dishes also need to be “toveled,” that is, immersed, before they are considered fit for use in a kosher kitchen.

So I went with a friend to the local dish mikvah today.  We had an assembly line going, where I would bring what still needed to be toveled, my friend would tovel it, and then I would take it away to be dried.  So I’m standing there, happily wiping down wet dishes…and I’m thinking, “Wow, there is some meaning to this!”  And after all the reluctance I (like most teenagers, I’m sure) tended to display when I was asked to do something menial like dry the dishes…here I was, happily doing that very same thing.  I just had to laugh at myself.

Who would have thought there was spirituality in something like doing the dishes?!

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3 Responses to Finding the Sacred in the Mundane

  1. ayalinbetween says:


  2. Malka Esther says:

    Glad you had fun. I hope he let you immerse at one thing? If not tonight I’ll be letting you get wet. 🙂 Watching our mutual friend as we dipped her pots into the boiling water was great. I can’t wait to see the 2 of you tomorrow as we kasher her new kitchen. May you maintain this level of excitement about doing this stuff and never have it fall back into a mundane chore.

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