I’m starting to think (in very vague, theoretical way) about making aliyah.  I’m going to be in Israel for a year anyway, starting in about a month, so I think it’d be a good time to look into opportunities and figure out what both America and Israel have to offer and where I would be happiest.

I’m wondering what my readers think.  The first person I spoke to about this warned me, “You might have to go into the army, and so would your kids.”  The second person said something along the lines of, “I can’t really think of any reason for you not to go, given how strong your Jewish identity is.”  And the most common question is “But are there jobs over there?”

So basically…what do you readers think?  What might I not have thought about with regard to making aliyah, both positive and negative points?

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1 Response to Aliyah?

  1. ayalinbetween says:

    We’ve (kind of) talked about this. I say: go to Israel, see what it’s like, and explore your options. You can always come back to the US, and then commit to aliyah at a later time. You’re just starting a new leg of your Jewish journey, but don’t feel rushed and pressured into making such big decisions. 😉

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