Just a quick post….

…to let anyone who’s wondering about me know that I’m doing fine, and really busy, and having a blast and learning a lot.  🙂  I unfortunately don’t have time to say any more than that, but hopefully a more detailed post will be coming soon.

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3 Responses to Just a quick post….

  1. Barry K. says:

    whenever I tell someone about what you’re doing,
    I hear them ooh and ahh…
    they are so impressed and, probably, envious
    although all recognize how much effort you have put into your studies to make
    this possible.
    so they join me in cheering for you.
    BTW, I will be talking tomorrow with a representative with EF Tours
    about taking a group to Israel in May!
    since the tour spends three days in Jerusalem, I’m sure we could spend time
    together. (My trip is free if five people sign up…)
    I would love to see you there.

    miss you and
    love you


    • !!!!!!!!!!!

      Oh, PLEASE come visit! I’m sure you can find four other people…let me know if you need ideas for who to recruit. 😉

      (Also, I’m editing your name under this post…for future reference I’d prefer that you didn’t post your last name….)

  2. ayalinbetween says:

    Thanks for the post! I’m glad to know you’re doing well, but I totally understand about not having time to make a longer post.

    Keep busy, stay well!

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