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I have gotten complaints from my readers that I’ve not been posting enough.  My apologies. Fortunately for those readers clamoring for an update, I’m on break from school, and have been since just before Yom Kippur, which means these next … Continue reading

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Rosh Hashana, Friends, Classes, and Israel

Sorry again for the lack of posting–once again, it’s due to a malfunctioning computer. So…Rosh Hashana was incredible.  Sometimes I have trouble praying with the proper emotion/really feeling and meaning what I’m saying (which in Hebrew is called “kavana”), but … Continue reading

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Shana Tova Umetuka!

First of all, if there is anyone reading this to whom I need to apologize for some way I’ve wronged them, please contact me so that I can make amends. If you don’t have any of my contact information, then … Continue reading

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