Rachel’s Tomb

We went to Kever Rachel today–the tomb of the biblical Rachel  (wife of Jacob, sister of Leah).  It’s in Bethlehem, which is largely controlled by Arabs, so we had to deal with all the high walls and stuff, but…really, Kever Rachel is SO COOL.  She had kind of a tragic life, you know, watching her sister have child after child while she herself was barren, and then once she finally had children she died in childbirth.  It’s said that Jacob had a prophecy that he had to bury Rachel “on the road” rather than in the Cave of Machpelah with the other patriarchs and matriarchs, so that people would be able to come to her and pray in her merit.  Rachel is supposed to be “storming the heavens” with her prayers for her children (that is, all of us…she’s commonly called Mama Rachel around here…), and we ask G-d to judge us in her merit and deal favorably with us.

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