Last Post From School?

Very soon, hopefully either tomorrow or the next day, we will have internet access in the apartment.  This is something I’m very excited about, as staying at school all evening gets rather old….

So I stayed at home this past Shabbos (despite living on the 9th floor.  And elevators are prohibited on Shabbos.  Oy vey!)  Went to dinner at the home of one of my teachers, and to lunch by Rabbi K, who is the head rabbi of my school and whose wife is also my Navi (books of the Prophets) teacher.

But the meals weren’t really the highlight of this Shabbos.  It was incredibly nice to just stay at home, hanging out with my new apartment mates, being able to read or sleep or do whatever I want, and have a quiet Shabbos where I’m for once not a guest.

And let’s talk about my chesed project.  That finally started this week, and I’m helping a young mother with her family.  We’ll give the family pseudonyms.   Becky Cohen is the mother; she introduced me to her oldest and then had me do some dishes, and then we went to pick up the other kids at Becky’s friend’s house, after which we all headed to the park.  As for the kids, Sally, Sophie, and Sammy are 4, 2, and 9 months.  They’re really cute (especially baby Sammy, who had a great time with me at the park…he enjoys trying to crawl up the slide and then sliding back down backwards), but Sally is a bit of a handful…tantrums, not sharing, basically marring an otherwise pleasant experience.

The whole chesed thing was kind of interesting too.  Basically what it’s supposed to be is helping people who really need it, for free.  My roommate, for example, goes to a family whose eight-year-old son had a stroke a few years ago and is totally incapacitated; she gives his parents a break, read and sings to the kid, helps with the cleaning, etc.  With all that…I wasn’t expecting to be given a sink of dishes and then brought to the park to play with a cute baby!  I’m not complaining, but…given that Becky and her friend were there too, I’m not sure exactly what I was needed for….

Classes continue as usual; I’m gaining a reputation for asking way too many questions, but I certainly don’t think that’s a bad thing!

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2 Responses to Last Post From School?

  1. David Schwartz says:

    Yashar Kochaich on your inaugural chesed outing! You are there to be supportive and to demonstrate that people care about the “Cohens”. Besides, the smaller the children, the more imperative that there is a 1:1 adult:child ratio.
    As pleasant as being a guest is, I agree that the freedom to be at home and do what one wants is lovely as well on Shabbat.
    When I took my Intro to Human Evolution class (about 150 students in it – my only massive lecture classs), I too gained a reputation for asking too many questions. In fact, I once received a note anonymously asking me to stop. However, I figured that if I had the question then other people had the question, and I was merely sufficiently chutzpadik to ask it. Besides, people are there to learn and your questions are helping them learn. Keep up the good work!

  2. ayalinbetween says:

    Be proud of asking “too many” questions. You have a great brain, so use it to the max!

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