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First, a blog housekeeping sort of question:  To those who post comments regularly, do you get my updates emailed to you, or just check every day, or what?  Some family members want to know if they can get emails when I’ve updated, and I don’t know how to answer them, because I just write the blog, I don’t also comment on it 😉

Next.  Happy Chanukah.  And חנוכה שמח.  Also, א פריילעכען חנוכה, though I’m not sure I’ve spelled that last one right.  (That’s English, Hebrew, and Yiddish, for anyone who’s wondering.)  There is nothing like Chanukah in Israel…the whole country gets in the spirit of the holiday.  I’ve really wanted to take pictures and put them up here, but my camera is being silly, unfortunately.  But…there are lit-up menorahs on the streetlights…it’s SO cool to walk home at night and see this every day.  And all the stores have been selling jelly donuts, chocolate coins, dreidels, and other Chanukah stuff for weeks.

We’ve been lighting our menorahs at home every night, using olive oil and wicks…and after this experience, I don’t think I’ll ever go back to plain old candles!  I’m really into candlelight (well, we knew I am a hopeless romantic…), and six menorahs all lit up with olive oil just really bring a sort of magic to the room.  It’s amazing.

In more sobering news, we’ve had the worst drought in Israel’s history.  Usually by December we’re well into the rainy season, but it’s been acting like summer over here, prompting fasting, prayer, and emergency measures to conserve water.  Then that huge fire broke out over in Haifa, which freaked people out even more (yes, I’m fine, for anyone who doesn’t already know…I’m a good two hours away).  And yesterday it rained all day!  And it’s expected to keep raining for most of the rest of this week…thank G-d!!!!!

There’s probably more going on here, but I just wanted to throw out a quick update for anyone who’s been wondering what’s going on over here. 🙂  Hope all is well outside the Holy Land.

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3 Responses to Latest News…

  1. I get your posts twice, once via RSS feed in google reader and once via email. To subscribe to the RSS feed go to

    To subscribe by email, respond to a post and at the bottom of the comment section check the box that says ‘Subscribe to this site by email’. It will send you a confirming email which you must open and respond to.

  2. David Schwartz says:

    Chag urim sameach! (That’s transliteration.) I’m sorry that I missed Chanukah by coming to Hebrew U for the spring semester, but Adam has told me stories. As much as I have my moments of “I live in a shtetl” in Lakeview, Chicago, I’m definitely not seeing candlelight as I walk down the street. Speaking of candlelight, I’m sure you’ve come across this:
    Baruch Hashem you’re alright (not that I was especially worried – Israel isn’t that small). I get e-mails about your posts – I subscribed immediately, but I imagine that I used the technique already described.
    One of the highlights for me of the holiday was in my Talmud shiur on the first night when we looked at the Shabbat 21 page – I thought of this now because you talked about candlelight and using different things to light, and that’s how they get into the discussion of Chanukah in the first place. I hope you are having a light-hearted holiday!

  3. Christi says:

    Aha! I never checked the box! Done! Now I will get the updates.

    Glad that your Chanukah has been filled with so much love, peace and light! Sounds very tranquil and beautiful to walk those lit streets!

    I have been lighting my aunt and uncle’s menorah that they got in Israel. I thought I was mixing up the order of the blessing over the lighting of the candles….your dad said he thought I was leaving something out…but that I was “close enough” ; )

    Love ya-

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