Jewish Mothers

I have sooooo many Jewish mothers.  It’s really kind of awesome.  And they all have one common goal…to get me married off to some nice Jewish boy.

Over Chanukah break, I visited an old friend of mine, who mentioned that she might know someone, and would I please give her my rabbi’s contact information so that he could be in on whatever happens.  She then proceeded to grill me on what exactly my requirements were so that she could start actively looking, and send any appropriate candidates my way.

Then I went to my friends the G family for Shabbos (and brought two friends with me.  They don’t know that much Hebrew, and this family is largely Israeli, so there was a bit of a language gap that caused a lot of amusement for all involved.  I think we broke their brains with our terrible Hebrew….); anyway, so Mrs. G told me while the other girls were finishing up their pre-Shabbos prep that she’d been looking into a possible shidduch for me– “he’s tall, he’s American, he’s good-looking, I really thought he might be perfect for you!”  Except it turns out that this guy has mental problems, or some such.  (“But I’m still looking!” she assured me.)

I’m both amused and appreciative that both of these people are trying so hard to match me up.  Even in the religious world, I’m years away from being considered an old maid, so I’m not sure how necessary it is at this point (and of course I can hear secular readers asking “why do you need to get married at all?!”)…but I do love that so many people are looking out for me (and my other half, whoever he may be).  In this world, it means they care.

And who knows…maybe I’ll find someone while I’m here.

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3 Responses to Jewish Mothers

  1. David Schwartz says:

    We should all have such problems! It is nice that you have so many concerned people looking for you. Chicago doesn’t have quite as many young Jews as Israel, but I wanted to move here to maximize my chances of meeting my basheret without the costs of NYC or LA; no luck yet, but I’m still keeping my eyes open. I’ve had a few “Jewish mothers” here too. I’m also not at the age where I’m worried yet, but it doesn’t hurt me to have this in the back of my head. May we both find the right person at the right time!

  2. BKop says:

    Although I always enjoy your shidduch stories, I must admit to feeling ever more like Tevya in Fiddler on the Roof.
    More and more I am thinking that’s the way it’s supposed to be
    for “the Poppa” (i.e., me).

    love ya

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