And in other news….

These last couple of days have been most excellent.  Shabbos was so restful and fun…me and my friend Ariella were the only ones in the apartment this week, and we both had the same dinner plans (along with a bunch of other girls in our school).  We all went to dinner at our “education director”‘s house (she’s really more of a mother figure to all of us than a teacher).  She’s got five sons, but only three of them were home, so the girls ruled the scene. 😀  There was much discussion of the Torah portion, of our teacher and her husbands’ former lives in America before they made aliyah, of the transition from English to Hebrew names for those of us who are using them (I put in my two cents by saying I’ve had absolutely no problem with it and after the first week or so I just became “Chana Batya”).

The food was delicious.  Friday was a fast day, so we all came to Shabbos dinner hungrier than usual.  As we prepared to leave for our host’s house, Ariella said to me, “I am SO craving challah.  And chicken soup.  And wine. ”  Well…guess what a Shabbos meal starts out with?!  I informed her that she was very lucky in her cravings.  Myself, I had the misfortune of craving caffeine…which I did eventually get that night.

So then we got home and sat around talking until another girl came in.  She doesn’t live with us, but is a friend of one of our roommates and needed a place to stay, so while other roommates were gone she crashed in our apartment.  She and I have very similar backgrounds, so we had fun trading “becoming religious Jews” stories.  And I’m invited to her place in another area in Jerusalem any time I need a place to stay.

Everybody went to bed, and I think I slept for almost twelve hours.  Got up, did morning prayers, went downstairs. My neighbors, who live seven floors below me in the same building, had invited me for lunch.  They have three little girls, so I figured it’d be a zoo.  And it was–but a fun zoo.  The baby, eight months old, just kind of sat around and took everything in, and the three-year-old was very timid.

The six-year-old, though, was quite a talker.  Halfway through lunch, she decided she wanted to play school–but didn’t want to play in English.  So I got to practice my Hebrew– “סליחה, מורה, יש לי שאלה” and such.  And she walked around the table and handed out “prizes” when we gave her correct answers.  Hooray random brain workouts.

So, whenever I could get a word in edgewise, I talked to the parents.  The dad is a history nut, just like me, so we had fun in medieval Europe.  And the mom and I tried to play Jewish geography, since I know a few people where she’s from, but we failed because I don’t know married people’s maiden names.

And then I went home and read all afternoon.

And since Shabbos, I’ve been in a ridiculously awesome mood for no particular reason.  Everything is just awesome. 😀

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2 Responses to And in other news….

  1. David Schwartz says:

    Sounds like a fabulous Shabbas! I’m so glad that it was such a great experience for you!

  2. Julia says:

    CB! Slicha Mora! You are just piling and piling up the list of Jewish mothers!

    So glad to read your blog. Talk to you on AIM soon :p


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